serving the Portland, Oregon area



Festive, delicious and easy to serve, our gourmet cupcakes start at $2.50 each and are sold by the dozen (minimum order 3 dozen OR 2 dozen with cake or cake pop purchase).  Rent one of our stands or provide your own display as a dessert table.  Customize your cupcakes with a beautiful monogram or a festive fondant or chocolate garnish to suit your event whether it’s an elegant wedding or a cute baby shower.

Cupcake Decoration

Basic cupcakes are typically frosted with a buttercream swirl although other finishes such as ganache or fondant are available.  Fondant cupcake toppers add $.50+ per cupcake. Add cake pops and/or a topper cake to top off your cupcake display!

Cupcake Quantity

Typically I recommend ordering 1.25-1.5 cupcakes per guest or more if several flavors are offered, less if other desserts are featured.